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West Point Nursery Services
Lawn Treatment Program

To help you obtain and maintain a healthy, green lawn, we have developed a comprehensive Lawn Treatment Program. It incorporates premium balanced fertilizers with slow release organic nitrogen sources that help develop a proper soil environment for turf. It includes the following treatments.

1) Early Spring
Balanced fertilizers with slow release nutrient sources encourage spring green up. Pre-emergent is applied to greatly reduce crabgrass and other annual weed grasses. Selective spot treatment for broadleaf weeds is included where needed and when conditions permit.
2) Spring
Controlled release fertilizers to enhance turf color and density. Broadleaf weed control, insect control and crabgrass control are applied where needed and when conditions permit.
3) Summer
A treatment for the control of damage caused by larvae of Japanese Beetles, and other soil inhabiting pests. Treatments for summer weeds and certain surface insects are made where needed and when conditions permit. Specially blended, slow release fertilizers are used to help turf through the difficult period of heat and drought.
4) Late Summer
Select balanced fertilizers help grass plants recover from summer stress. Color and density improve as nutrients encourage new growth. Weeds and surface insects are treated where needed and when conditions permit.
5) Early Fall
Seasonally balanced fertilizers promote expansion of roots and storage of carbohydrates to improve hardiness. Turf density is enhanced while maintaining excellent fall color. Weeds are treated where needed and when conditions permit.
6) Late Fall
Blended fertilizers continue to enhance root development and improve fall color and ensure early spring green-up.

We concentrate our service to the local area and we strive to provide competitive quality service. Call for a free estimate
We also provide these optional services:

  • Core Aeration & Overseeding
  • Lawn Fungicide Treatments
  • Plant Health Care for Trees & Ornamentals